The Process

I encourage my client’s involvement and co-creative input in the decision-making stages of planning the portrait. Before the first sitting and photographic session, we will discuss what type of portrait suits your needs and taste: casual, formal, outdoor or indoor.
We will discuss the possible locations for the portrait and clothing for the sitter.

Once we have agreed upon the aesthetics of the portrait a $200.00 deposit must be made to schedule the visit that includes an extensive photo shoot at the clients home, this visit typically lasts one to two hours. The $200.00 deposit is applied to the portrait, and does not include travel fees and expenses for clients outside of the greater Atlanta Georgia area. During this visit we will decide on locations for the portrait and I will do color studies of skin tones and thumbnails for composition, and extensive photography of the subject. At this initial sitting, the client will be required to pay the remaining 50% deposit on the portrait. The balance of the portrait will be due at the time of completion and the client’s complete approval of the portrait.

After my visit to your home I will review the photographs to determine the most flattering poses, expressions and composition. Then I will make my recommendations in my studio and e-mail or mail these to you, at which time we will decide how the finished painting will look. Based on these decisions and our agreement I will then begin the portrait painting.

It is possible to have a portrait commissioned from the client’s photographs provided I feel I can work from them. If, for example, it is the client’s wish to use their photograph from a wedding, special event or to have a posthumous portrait commissioned, I will review your photographs and see if I can work from them. Please e-mail or call me if
you have any questions.

Portraits may take 1 to 6 months for completion. I will keep the client updated as to the progress of the portrait. When I feel the portrait is finished I will send a digital photograph for confirmation and your approval, then schedule a delivery date or shipping date for the portrait. The remaining 50% of the portrait fee is due upon acceptance and approval of the digital photograph of the completed portrait. Shipping and insurance costs are to be paid by the client once they have been established.

Pastel portraits on archival sanded paper typically run ½ the cost of oil portraits, please e-mail me for pricing and size availability.

Current portrait prices can be held with a 50% deposit for a limited time.

Please contact Cheryl Whitestone for a current price list.


Major credit cards are accepted via paypal please call or e-mail for arrangements