"Often people ask me about the inspirations for my work.  To me, just the process of living and learning can be inspiring. The light glistening on a young child’s locks, their expression of joy in life, a couple’s look of deep satisfaction with each other’s company. There is really no end to what inspires me and what I would like to capture. I believe a work of fine art should reveal the beauty and personality of the sitter or subject and move the viewer emotionally. To understand and exaggerate the essence of what or who I am painting is key; much like a good story, it must be masterfully crafted in the same way that a good book or movie will move you when that has been accomplished. It is my goal to intentionally create excellent fine art that will endure through time as a lasting treasure for the collector to enjoy, cherish and pass on to future generations.”

Cheryl has been creating art since childhood. Getting into her mother’s art studio unattended at age 10, and painting a floral still life in oils proved her natural and inherited abilities. Her mother was surprised, delighted and encouraged Cheryl to take the painting to school. It was placed in the school office, then purchased by a collector soon after. Raised by a family of artists, Cheryl naturally learned the techniques her mother and friends shared with her as a curious and astute young artist. Cheryl studied perspective, composition, sketching, watercolors, oils, acrylics and tips for good portraiture as well as Asian Sumi and Mural painting under their tutorship. She excelled in art through school and attended Moorpark College where her teachers recognizing her exceptional talent, recommended her for a scholarship at the University of Santa Barbara California.
Cheryl has been a professional award-winning artist for over 20 years. Today she works in every arts medium. For portraiture commissions she prefers oils. Those who have witnessed her abundant inventiveness, sensitivity, experimentation and productivity have called her  “A Living Master.”
Her client list for murals, commissioned portraits and paintings include; Georgia Governor's Mansion, Doctors, Dentists, Elementary Schools, Restaurants, Health Clubs, Health Care Facilities, Hospitals, Salons, Special Events Facilities, Real Estate Offices, Historic Homes, Estate Homes, Show Homes, and many others.
Her many commissioned works of art are in private and public collections in the United States, Scandinavia, and throughout Europe.

Chateau Élan Winery & Estate Homes  “Best Dining Room”
County Club of the South Estate Homes  “Most Loved Charity Show House”
Sugarloaf Country Club  “Best Charity Show Home”
Atlanta Homes Magazine  “Best Luxury Bath Room” 
Habitat for Humanity  “People's Choice Award”
Hands on Atlanta  “Director of Two Art Enrichment Projects in Urban Environments”
High Museum of Art Atlanta  “Vogue, Wine, Food & Fashion”

Art Shows:
Whole Earth Show, Downtown Atlanta
800 East Art Show, Miami Circle, Buckhead, GA
Breeze Gallery, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Luz Mercado,  Madrid, Spain
Inman Park Art Festival,  Inman Park, GA
Chez Belle Gallery,  Blue Ridge, GA
Art Papers Magazine  Benefit Art Show, Atlanta, GA
Georgia In Bloom,  Madison, GA
Black Heritage Art Show,  Madison, GA
Georgia Art League Spring Salon, Gainesville GA
International Artist Magazine, World Coverage, Web & Print